Professor Michael Wirth assists Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery with Dr Macgroarty

It was with great pleasure that Dr Macgroarty recently hosted Professor Michael Wirth from San Antonio Texas.

Professor Wirth is one of the design surgeons of a new Total Shoulder Replacement system that allows greater flexibility for the surgeon as a result of its increased modularity. It is expected that this new system will help to improve patients outcomes after this type of surgery. Dr Wirth has worked closely over the years with his mentor, Dr Charles Rockwood, who is considered by most to be the father of modern shoulder surgery

Dr Wirth was visiting Australia to give several lectures about osteoarthritis in the shoulder. He took time out from his schedule to assist Dr Macgroarty in 3 shoulder replacements using the new system. Dr Macgroarty was the first surgeon in Australia to use the new shoulder replacement system and has been very impressed with the early results.

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