UFC – Brisbane

Dr Macgroarty was ringside at the inaugural UFC event held in Brisbane in December 2013 which was telecast to a global audience.

The UFC is the fastest growing sport on the planet and Dr Macgroarty was selected to attend as the local representative Orthopaedic Surgeon.The day was extremely busy with a number of injuries including: an ACL rupture / buckethandle meniscal tear / antero-inferior shoulder dislocation and several metacarpal fractures in a number of fighters.

The main event saw a contest between Mark Hunt of Sydney and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva of Brazil. After the bout Dr Macgroarty rushed Mr Hunt to St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane to internally fix multiple metacarpal fractures in his left hand.

Dylan “the Villain” Andrews had his right shoulder dislocation surgically reconstructed at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital by Dr Kelly Macgroarty following the Brisbane UFC event on the weekend. Dylan will be sidelined for 9-12 months to rehabilitate before being ready to fight again.

Dylan was discharged from hospital the day after surgery and is seen here with Dr Macgroarty after his post operative review in hospital.

Dylan Andrews post op

Dylan Andrews with Dr Macgroarty after surgery

Dylan Andrews MRI axial

Dylan Andrews axial MRI

Dylan Andrews CT axial

Dylan Andrews axial CT

Dylan Andrews MRI Coronal

Dylan Andrews coronal MRI

Dylan Andrews 3D CT

Dylan Andrews 3D CT

Dr Macgroarty with Antonio “bigfoot” Silva at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital

Mark Hunt with Dr Macgroarty after surgery 

Mark Hunt hand pre 2

Mark Hunt Pre-op XR

Mark Hunt hand post 3

Mark Hunt Post-op XR

NB – please note that all of the above information has been verbally authorised for release by the UFC, Mr Antonio Silva, Mr Mark Hunt and Mr Dylan Andrews – 7.12.13




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