Urgent Sports Injury Clinic

To cater for the sports enthusiast after weekend competitive injuries, my clinic runs every TUESDAY. This allows for early assessment and prompt referral after review by a physiotherapist or general practitioner. If you require an urgent appointment please contact our clinic on 1300 746 853.

Prompt Assessment and Management

Brisbane Knee and Shoulder Clinic have access to a number of radiology providers who can perform MRI scans urgently.

Patients receive prompt assessment and management of injuries to facilitate an early return to their sporting passion.

Patients that are appropriate for this clinic are:

– Patients injured acutely in sporting or recreational activities in previous week / weekend
– Patients who have aggravated an existing knee or shoulder injury
– Patients, where their GP has decided that urgent and immediate attention is required.
– Patients that attended an Emergency Dept over the weekend and the specialist has indicated that further management is required.

To register for the clinic, please book online or phone 1300 746 853 and ask for the Urgent Sports Injury Clinic. Please be sure to have a valid referral from your general practitioner prior to arrival.

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