Dr Macgroarty travels to France to learn revolutionary new rapid recovery ACL technique

Dr Macgroarty travelled to France in January 2015 with Dr Price Gallie from the Gold Coast to learn more about a new ACL reconstruction technique that has athletes walking unassisted by three hours post-op. Physiotherapy rehabilitation can be commenced much earlier than traditional techniques allowing athletes a quicker head start on their rehabilitation programme post ACL reconstruction. The accelerated rehabilitation programme makes it possible for the athletes to maintain better muscle bulk and feel stronger sooner which greatly assists the treating physiotherapist.

The new technique still utilises hamstring graft techniques which means that overall return to sport is still expected to be about 7-9 months post surgery.

Dr Macgroarty assisted Dr Thierry De Polignac with several cases at the Clinique Generale Annecy using this new technique. He then spent time following up these patients with Dr De Polignac and the physiotherapists in order to learn more about this new rehabilitation method.

france tour 2

Dr Macgroarty standing outside the Orthopaedic Hospital in Annecy, France


Dr Macgroarty with Dr De Polignac in Annecy, France

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